How Medicine Should Be...

  • You and your physician decide
  • No time limit on office visits
  • Direct access to your doctor 24x7
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Who is Dr. Josephson?

  • Board Certified
  • Twenty years experience
  • Former USC professor
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What to expect...

  • Patient-centered care
  • Total access to your physician
  • Wellness, not disease focused
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Geriatric specialist

I am fellowship trained and board certified in geriatric medicine and know how to best care for older patients. I enjoy developing relationships with my older patients and their families and work together to maintain highest quality of life for everyone. I help people with memory impairment and behavioral problems without need for multiple hospitalizations or psychiatric consults. My extensive experience with dementia and mood disorders enables me to take care of the most challenging situations.

If you live far from an aging loved one, I can be there to assure their health and well-being. I will report to you after each visit and keep you informed of any changes.