How Medicine Should Be...

  • You and your physician decide
  • No time limit on office visits
  • Direct access to your doctor 24x7
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Who is Dr. Josephson?

  • Board Certified
  • Twenty years experience
  • Former USC professor
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What to expect...

  • Patient-centered care
  • Total access to your physician
  • Wellness, not disease focused
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How to enroll

Patient Enrollment Form

Select the above link to open and complete the enrollment form. Simple fax or email the form to our office and we will contact you to discuss your health care needs. This form is NOT a contract.

Fee's and Insurance

The annual retainer fee is only $2000 for office visits, which covers all services listed. No additional copay per visit.

If you require routine and acute care home visits in addition to all of the described services, the retainer fee is only $4000 for the Los Alamitos and Long Beach area. Rates outside these areas are based on distance.

The fee can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually by cash, electronic transfer or check.

You may wish to keep your present insurance to cover other costs (i.e. lab work, x-rays, specialists, hospital stays). I have opted out of Medicare and bill no insurance companies for my services. You will not be able to bill Medicare for my services. Health savings accounts may be used for my services.