How Medicine Should Be...

  • You and your physician decide
  • No time limit on office visits
  • Direct access to your doctor 24x7
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Who is Dr. Josephson?

  • Board Certified
  • Twenty years experience
  • Former USC professor
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What to expect...

  • Patient-centered care
  • Total access to your physician
  • Wellness, not disease focused
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Who we serve

Who we serve

Sage Healthcare works with the adult population that is concerned about the delivery of health care and want important medical decisions determined between themselves and their doctor and not by insurance companies.



Are some of these statements true for you?


It's hard to get an appointment with my doctor that's convenient for me and my family. Why can't I been seen right away or on the weekend? In fact, why do I have to make an appointment at all, I just have a question about my medication?


When I visit my doctor I feel rushed through the process and can't all my concerns addressed. I spend more time in the waiting room than with my doctor. I am rushed in and out within their 15 minute "quality" timeline. I shouldn't have to wait. When I have a 2pm appointment I should be seeing the doctor at 2pm, not some indefinite time afterwards.


I am tired of filing out more paperwork every time I visit my doctor. The insurance verification always makes me late seeing the doctor and if not done right, refuses me the visit.


When I want to reach the doctor, I want to speak with the doctor who knows me an not a phone tree.


When I have a medical concern late at night I don't know if I should go to the emergency room or wait to speak with my doctor. If there was some way I could reach my doctor at any time it would save me a lot of angst.



Our ideal patient

Our patients typically share many of the following characteristics. If most of them fit you as well, you are likely someone we can help to regain lost health or to enhance current and future well-being. They:


  • Want control over medical decisions without insurance interference
  • Desire full access to their physician when needed and not have to deal with other personnel restricting access to the doctor ("You have to speak with me first and tell me what I need to tell he doctor.") and reach your doctor right away - when you need her.
  • Are open and seeking change in the way medicine is delivered - they're unhappy with the status quo
  • Realize that the highest quality of healthcare is often not the cheapest or a covered insurance benefit - they have decided it is worth working and paying for.
  • Want to learn and take responsibility to participate in their healing – they realize that the optimization of their health and life is a joint venture and they can’t simply be fixed.


What to do next

Now that you know the kind of patients we work with, the issues we help them resolve, and what our patients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.